Wildfire Preparedness


Residents play a key role in reducing wildfire risks. There are steps that homeowners can take to decrease their potential loss, with the most important efforts occurring on and immediately around the home. EF&R partnered with the City of Issaquah to educate the community on these risks captured in this informational video.

Firewise and Ready, Set, Go! are components of the Fire Adapted Communities strategy. A “Fire Adapted Community” incorporates people, buildings, businesses, infrastructure, cultural resources, and natural areas working together to prepare for the effects of wildfires.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reviews the primary threats to homes during a wildfire and provides homeowners methods to prepare their homes to withstand ember attacks and minimize risks and potential loss.

The Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (WAFAC), funded by the Bureau of Land Management, is a statewide group of organizations supporting communities confronting the threat of wildfire. This provides member communities with resources to engage with other WAFAC participants, to share best practices and ways to manage wildfire threats.

Here are some additional resources:

Eastside Fire & Rescue is partnering with the King Conservation District to provide technical assistance and an evaluation of your home to help create wildfire resiliency. Please visit their site for valuable information and to schedule an evaluation of your property.

Wildland Preparedness