Mission, Values & Priorities

Mission Vision Wicked Goal

Strategic Priority: Employee Development
Invest, support, and empower all personnel to realize their potential.

Strategic Priority: Life Safety

Provide for life safety, the protection of property, and the environment.

Strategic Priority: Long-Term Sustainability
Be a sustainable, adaptive, and innovative fire department.

Strategic Priority: Community Outreach and Partnerships
 Advance partnerships that educate and strengthen relationships.

Strategic Priority: Board of Director Development
Be a high performing unified Board.

Strategic Work Plan Quarterly Reports
These reports demonstrate the progress being made towards achieving the objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan. The report is intended to provide you with a short update of every area of focus.

2018 - Q3 Report
2018 - Q2 Report
2018 - Q1 Report 
2017 - Q4 Report
2017 - Q3 Report
2017 - Q2 Report
2017 - Q1 Report

Should you need additional information pertaining to the Strategic Plan, please reach out Executive Assistant Jamie Formisano at jformisano@esf-r.org or (425) 313-3228. 
On behalf of the members of Eastside Fire & Rescue I am proud to present to you the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan. This plan is the culmination of a six-month public planning process, representing the work and input of every member of the organization, the public and Board of Directors. This plan provides an excellent example of what an open and cooperative public process can produce.

The process began in April at the Board of Director’s meeting, over the course of the next two months an in depth evaluation of the department’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges (SWOC) was conducted. From these meetings, a new fire department mission statement and five strategic priorities were identified. In July, the draft information was presented at five public meetings and hundreds of citizens provided feedback via electronic survey. Public comments from all venues and the survey were incorporated into the plan. In August, objectives were identified to support the future achievement of the strategic priorities. The Board of Director’s held two workshops, one in June the other in September, to provide guidance and feedback.  Finally, at their October 13, 2016 meeting the Board of Directors’ formally adopted the Strategic Plan.

This plan will serve as a guiding document for the next three to five years. I will report regularly and update it annually to reflect the progress that has been achieved and to further outline the issues we will be addressing moving forward. The success of this department will be measured, in large part, by our ability to successfully implement the objectives contained in this plan. The continual achievement of the five strategic priorities will ensure the department is well positioned for success.

I would like to offer special thanks to the Strategic Plan Working Committee. This committee was established in April and worked diligently to drive the formation of the plan. The committee consisted of members from every level of the organization as well as citizens leaders.

Finally, it is with gratitude I express my sincere thanks to all the members of the Eastside Fire & Rescue community for their active participation in the development of this plan. I take great pride in representing such an outstanding group of individuals; your support and participation in the development of this plan demonstrates your Unified Commitment to the success of this organization.

Jeff Clark
Fire Chief