Fire Corps


What is Fire Corps?

  • Fire Corps is part of the Department of Homeland Security Citizen Corps Program and a companion to the CERT Program (Community Emergency Response Teams)
  • Eastside Fire Corps is managed and operated by Eastside Fire & Rescue

Our Mission:

  • Attract and engage passionate volunteers from within our service area and adjacent communities
  • By drawing on a larger pool of volunteers we can gain from their experience and best practices
  • By providing area-wide training and exercises we will be better prepared to interoperate with each other
  • Build a larger resource of volunteers and a “bench” of leaders to ensure stability and future growth 

Our Priorities:

  • Unified commitment
  • Engage and serve our community
  • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and reporting structure
  • Encourage personal development and skills training
  • Recruitment, recognition, retention
  • Provide a personally satisfying experience to every volunteer  

Learn more about Eastside Fire Corps Program or Contact Fire Corps.