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Public Information & Community Relations

EF&R provides ongoing communication and activities to support the communities we serve. EF&R strives to work closely with media, as a critical source and tool, in providing life safety and emergency preparedness education. Public interaction and information are conducted through television, radio, newspapers, social media sites, and publications.

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Classes - Events - Tours

EF&R provides a variety of educational programs to the communities we serve. The primary goal is the health and safety of all community members. This is followed by disaster prevention, protection against property loss, and personal preparedness. All programs can be tailored to the size and age of the audience or any specific educational goals you may have.

All requests must be scheduled two weeks in advance. This allows us a greater opportunity to accommodate the date and time of your request.

Please understand, once scheduled, the tour/event/presentation may be interrupted. The crews and apparatus must remain in service to respond to emergency calls that come in prior to or during the event resulting in them arriving later than scheduled, needing to leave early, or not being able to attend at all.

Fire Station Tour Request: Visit your local fire station! Station tours last approximately 30 minutes. They include viewing the fire engine, firefighter equipment, fire gear, emergency medical equipment, living quarters, and a short presentation concerning fire safety. Tours may be scheduled between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Please click here to fill out the form.

Community Event Request: Requests EF&R for community gatherings, events, fairs, etc. Please click here to fill out the form.

Presentation & Training Request: Requests for fire department personnel for education presentations on fire, life safety, and emergency preparedness. Please click here to fill out the form.

CPR & First Aid Courses (Adult/Child/Infant): EF&R offers classes the second Saturday of each month. Please click here for additional information and to register.

Any questions or additional information, please contact the Public Information Office at or (425) 313-3247.



Patient Specific Medication and Treatment Program (Adrenal Insufficiency Program)

The King County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system is designed to deliver positive patient outcomes to the citizens we serve. The system implements regional practices for common emergency conditions. In uncommon conditions, King County EMS has developed a patient-specific protocol that enables directed and specialized care for an individual citizen. This strategy helps focus local EMS personnel to the specific individual and their condition and helps assure the necessary therapy in the uncommon but real possibility that specialized treatment is required. Adrenal insufficiency qualifies as such a condition. EF&R and Paramedic personnel are trained regarding the indications and use of the special therapy. (view training procedures)  

To help deliver effective emergency assistance to individuals with adrenal insufficiency, we encourage you to work with EF&R to invoke the ‘Patient Specific Medication and Treatment Policy’. Program information can be found here

For additional information regarding the program and details relating to Adrenal Insufficiency Disease, please contact Deputy Chief Burke at (425) 313-3204.