EF&R Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2019

Board of Directors

  • Board Chair Alan Gothelf
  • Board Vice Chair, Chris Reh, Issaquah
  • Stacy Goodman, Issaquah
  • Matt Talbot, Fire District 38
  • Ramiro Valderrama, Sammamish
  • Karen Moran, Sammamish
  • Larry Rude, Fire District 10
  • Don Smith, Fire District 10
The eight member Board consists of representatives from the participating Partners of Eastside Fire & Rescue (EF&R).


The EF&R Board governs the provision of fire protection and emergency services within the boundaries of the cities and fire districts. The appointed officials typically maintain strict policy-level involvement avoiding direct management and hands-on task assignments. The Fire Chief carries out the day-to-day management of the Agency.

On January 1, 1999, the consolidation of several agencies created a new fire and emergency medical agency called Eastside Fire & Rescue. The agencies joining in this consolidation included King County Washington, Fire Districts 10 and 38, and the cities of Issaquah and North Bend. The City of Sammamish joined the consolidation in January 2000. EF&R is governed by this regional Board of Directors.

Public Meetings

Each EF&R Board meeting includes time for public comment (up to three minutes for individuals and five minutes for those representing groups) and speakers, typically the first order of business after convening. Additional public comment may be available for agenda items, individuals and speakers on behalf of groups may address an item at that time.