Service Support Volunteers (SSV)

Officially launched in 2007, the Service Support Volunteer program seeks a deeper relationship with citizens who have involved themselves with local Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service/Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (ARES/RACES) groups.

Incorporating Citizens Into Organization

The Agency recognizes the need to incorporate vetted, credentialed citizens with radio communications expertise into the logistical elements of our organization.
Service Support Volunteers
Should a major disaster overwhelm our traditional communication systems, Eastside Fire and Rescue is now better prepared to respond to the needs of the communities we serve.

New Developments

As of 2008, Eastside Fire and Rescue has 8 SSVs. That same year they created Com80 - a customized vehicle that can provide a communications platform and a mobile command facility to be used for community events or during disasters. The SSV program is just another way you can get involved in your community. For more information on becoming a Service Support Volunteer, contact SSV Lead Jon Bromberg.